TVD Challenge → Favourite scene/s per episode.

↳ 1x09 History Repeating.

Elena Gilbert + Pjs

Best of | Paul Wesley 2013

Damon Salvatore + hands

Damon and Elena parallels | 3x05/5x09 “I promise you…”

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I am a liar, a betrayer. I have conspired against my own blood, and I doubt even your God can save me.

Your hands can heal

@ian somerhalder Later US soil-the far east I must go!I love love-see you soon China!The 21st century is truly amazing…The ability to move around like this and see you all.HOWEVER,I’m going to plant so many f’n trees in my life to make up for this absurd amount of carbon I’m using… BLEH!;)